How Does Keeping Your Mouth Clean Help Prevent Gum Disease?

Are you someone prone to suffering from gum diseases? Do you feel restricted in savoring various delicacies due to your unhealthy gums?

If you have landed on this page wondering, “Can gum disease kill you?” or “Is gum disease curable?”

If you are concerned about maintaining healthy gums and preventing gum disease? As a Certified Registered Dental Hygienist (CRDH) with over 14 years of experience, I, Lauren DeAngelo, am here to provide you with expert tips on oral hygiene.

Healthy gums are essential not only for a confident smile but also for your overall well-being. If you've ever wondered, “Can gum disease kill you?” or “Is gum disease curable?” rest assured, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’ll share 9 essential tips to help you keep your gums healthy and prevent gum disease, so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

How to Cure Gum Disease Without a Dentist: 9 Must-have Habits for Healthy Gums

Floss Daily

Flossing helps you to get rid of any plaque that could have been deposited within your teeth and the gumline. The risk of having any cavities is also reduced by regular flossing. 

Thus, you can cure gum disease without a dentist by doing regular flossing. The American Dental Association recommends flossing once a day for good gum health.

Get Regular Professional Dental Cleanings

Professional dental cleaning is a major part of your oral health care. It’s recommended by doctors to get your teeth cleaned twice a year within a gap of six months. 

Some people are more likely to have dental health issues. In this case, they are required to go for professional dental cleaning more often. 

Quit Smoking

Smoking can not only affect your lungs but also your gum health. If a person is suffering from gum disease, his response to getting cured gets reduced due to persistent smoking.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking is one of the major leading reasons for causing severe gum disease. Thus, it’s advised to quit smoking when you are thinking about how to cure gum disease without a dentist. 

Brush Twice a Day

To avoid the deposition of plaques within your teeth, National Health Services (NHS) recommends brushing your teeth twice a day. You can also consider changing your toothbrush frequently for proper brushing.

There are various types of electric toothbrushes available nowadays for better cleaning of your teeth. 

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

The best toothpaste for you to work on your gum health is the one that contains fluoride in it. According to the Oral Health Foundation, fluoride helps prevent cavities and tooth decay thus protecting you from any gum disease.

So if you are wondering, “Is gum disease curable?” The answer is yes, using fluoride toothpaste for brushing your teeth can help you maintain good oral hygiene and gum health.

Use a Therapeutic Mouthwash

According to the American Dental Association, therapeutic mouthwashes are best to use to avoid gingivitis, plaque, or both. You can use mouthwash after having your main meals.

With regular use, mouthwashes also help you keep bad breath away and maintain good oral health.

Stay Hydrated

One of the most recommended tips on how to cure gum disease without a doctor is to keep yourself well-hydrated. 

Drinking water with fluoride not only helps your skin but also helps prevent cavities and tooth decay. Sufficient water intake helps in saliva production.

Your saliva contains phosphate and calcium that prevent tooth decay. If you are wondering if gum disease can kill you, it can’t when you stay hydrated!

Limit Sugar Intake

If you have a sweet tooth, then there are higher chances of developing cavities easily. 

According to WHO (World Health Organization), when you intake sugar, in the process acids are created that can weaken your tooth enamel and can lead to the development of Dental caries.

With the help of demineralization, your enamel acids leech minerals. Even saliva plays a crucial role in providing necessary minerals to keep your teeth strong and gum health good. 

Still, continuous intake of sugary content and dry mouth can contribute to gum disease.

Avoid Tobacco Products 

On our list of tips on how to cure gum disease without a dentist, last but not least, is to cut on consumption of tobacco products. Chemicals like nicotine, tar, and hydrogen cyanide in tobacco products can leave deposit stains on your teeth.

According to the National Institutes of Health, this can lead to incurable gum diseases and even oral cancer.


Due to frequent consumption of tobacco, junk food, sugar-loaded food content, poor oral hygiene, and other unhealthy practices, various gum diseases and oral health problems are on the rise nowadays.

Additionally, As in healthcare dental professionals like dentists and nurses often wear scrub caps during procedures. These caps help maintain a sterile environment by preventing the spread of bacteria and other contaminants from hair. Wearing scrub caps is crucial for hygiene in dental clinics and hospitals, highlighting the need for cleanliness to prevent gum disease and other oral health problems.

So, to ensure a healthy life and healthy gums, it is highly recommended that you take good care of your oral and dental health. The above-mentioned tips will help you maintain good gum health and can help you figure out how to cure gum disease without a dentist.

Until next time.

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