How to Find the Best Scrub Cap For Yourself?

The scrub cap has come a long way. They started as a modest clothing article and now come in a fun range of colors, fabrics, and styles. 

Originally, Monks and nuns who worked in healthcare facilities wore the first scrub caps. This accessory was for modesty, as showing their hair was considered shameful. 

Now, the scrub cap has become part of a specific medical "look".

Physicians and nurses have come to appreciate the functionality of this item. After all, it works to keep hair in place, maintain sterile working conditions and keep germs from being passed back and forth between patients and medical professionals.  

 Scrub Cap Styles and Options

Scrub caps aren’t one-size-fits-all (or one-style-fits-all). This guide will help you determine which style is best for you.

If your hair gets damaged easily, you may want to consider a satin-lined scrub hat to protect your hair from frizz & breakage. Satin helps to retain moisture and won't dry out your hair after a long shift.

Sunshine Caps has the best scrub caps made from top-quality fabrics. 

We have SO many designs and styles available- you are guaranteed to find your perfect fit!

Women wearing a Ponytail style Scrub Cap

Ponytail Scrub Cap

The ponytail style has a pouch in the back for you to tuck your hair for full coverage. These hats are great for medium-long length hair. The ribbons tie around the ponytail portion, allowing for a flexible fit.

This style is available with a satin-lined interior which helps protect your hair against frizz & breakage.

 Women in a Bouffant Style Scrub Cap

Classic Scrub Cap

A classic unisex scrub that is available for anyone who prefers a sportier, more fitted appearance. Ties in the back for adjustable fit. This style is also available with satin lining to protect your hair from frizz and breakage.

This style does not provide full coverage for long hair.

Mannequin wearing a Tie Back Scrub cap

Bouffant Scrub Cap

A bouffant surgical cap offers full coverage for almost any hair length. A broad sweatband runs across the front and tapers to the sides. It has an adjustable elastic cord lock in the back.

The product's interior can be lined with satin to prevent frizz and hair breakage.

Because of its puffy nature, this cap easily fits any head size.

Women wearing a Euro style Scrub Cap

Euro Scrub Cap

The euro cap provides full coverage, adjustability, and an elastic cord lock in the back.

100% cotton exterior. The product's interior can be lined with satin to prevent hair breakage and frizz.

It fits close around the head and slouches slightly in the back, making it ideal for medium-length hair.

Women in a Scrub Cap

Pixie Tie Back Scrub Cap

A unisex surgical cap that offers more room than our classic cap.

Short-medium length hair can be tucked in for full coverage or worn out the back.

It can be flipped along the edge or left unfolded. A sweatband runs along the forehead.

This medical hat is made of a soft and durable 100% cotton material and ties in the back to make it adjustable and comfort throughout your work shift.


We know a thing or two about scrub caps because we make great ones! Count on us for fashionable designs and comfortable styles.

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