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Floral Organs- Euro
Brandy Baucom

Vibrant colors, love it!

Tight but cute

Dino Floral- Pixie
Jessica Paul

Fits awesome. Love the pattern. Super soft

I had issues with the delivery on this order due to third party involvement. When I reached out to the owner to explain what happened, I thought for sure I would never see my caps and would just have to reorder. Instead, she worked with me to track it down and get it re-shipped! I got the silk lined caps to protect my hair from damage and they are super comfortable. The fit is great and the patterns are so cute!

Love this item. Arrived on time and didn’t have to worry about customer service

Great delivery..will order from shop again

Great product..will order from shop again

Love this scrub cap, one of the best ones I’ve received. Really good quality! Fits my head perfectly (I have a lot of hair.) The silk on the inside is a game changer! I would definitely recommend purchasing from this company, you won’t be disappointed at all 🤗.

Fits great. Super cute. Will definitely be ordering more.

I have sort of a big head for a chick and lots of thick hair that goes right below my shoulders. With my hair pinned up, this thing BARELY fits. I’m either showing a lot of forehead of my hair is peeking out the back. Not worth sending back so will prob be given away to someone with a much smaller head.

Hocus Pocus Watercolor- Classic

Perfect gift and she loved it!

These scrub caps are lovely!

I like that the ribbons are attached to the cap. Fits well.

The cutest scrub cap! I can’t wait to wear it.

So cute! I have gotten many compliments on this scrub cap.

They come in very handy.

Love the fabric! This fits great and is super easy to put on.

Buzzing Bees- Euro
Miranda Cummings

I have fairly long hair and this fits well with it in a low bun. Very comfortable for a long day in the OR!

Cat Floral- Ponytail

Loved my cap! Made very well and I got mine with satin lining which is great

Loved my cap! Made very well and I got mine with satin lining which is great

100% recommend these scrub caps!!

100% recommend these scrub caps!!

Love the Evil Eye 🪬 scrub cap! I got the satin lining with mine, adding another soft element to the already soft outer material. Will be ordering more in the near future!

Cute pattern. Fast shipping. Great price!

Loved the surprise and recommended it to several friends!

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I got the satin lined caps and they’re AMAZING!! I’ve gotten so many compliments on them. Very much worth the purchase; especially if it means saving my hair!


The scrub cab that I ordered was very beautiful and I like the fact that the mystery scrub cap had the satin lining in the buttons just like my original order that was very helpful!! Also, shipping is incredibly fast. This is my second time ordering and this will be my go-to website if I need any more scrub caps!


I only shop here for my scrub caps! They are the absolute best, no other can compare. The quality of the fabric and the design options are unique and differentiate highly compared to others!

Amy T.

I've bought multiple caps from Sunshine caps now and they are fantastic. Since covid I've been wearing my scrub caps every night. Now they are just a part of my attire each shift along with colorful socks!

Kevin D.

I absolutely love these scrub caps! I bought a couple to begin with just to try out, and ended up turning around and buying four more shortly after receiving the first two. The ponytail caps with the satin lining are amazing.
So cute and so comfortable! I highly recommend these caps!!