Who Wears A Scrub Cap And Why ?


A scrub cap is an essential head covering that aids in the protection of healthcare professionals, and their patients, from further transmission of germs. The caps are generally made out of 100% cotton fabric for breathability and come in a variety of styles. Some scrub hats have satin lining to protect your hair from frizz and breakage, and some have a sweatband lining the forehead.

Buttons are another great comfort option. Scrub caps with buttons are the perfect alternative to save your ears from those pesky mask straps! This prevents any skin irritation or breakdown you may be experiencing. If you have any ear pain or discomfort while wearing a mask, switching to surgical hats with buttons is highly recommended.

There are several reasons to wear a scrub cap:

  1. They help to keep the surgical area clean.
  2. They help to keep hair out of the way so that managing it doesn't become a burden during the surgery.
  3. They help to keep medical professionals cool and comfortable during long shifts.

So, we've put together a guide to introduce you to the main types of scrub caps and bring you through the purchasing process to assist you in choosing the best cap for your needs.

What is a Scrub Cap?

A scrub cap is a type of headwear typically worn by medical professionals, such as surgeons and nurses. Scrub caps are designed to keep hair out of the face and eyes and to help maintain a sterile environment.

Who Wears a Scrub Cap and Why? 

It is crucial for healthcare workers to wear surgical scrub caps in sterile environments, such as operating rooms. They protect patients from contamination during surgical procedures and are generally required in operating rooms and certain hospital and dental office settings. Other benefits include visibility and comfortability. The scrub caps prevent your hair from falling in your face, getting in your eyes or even sticking to your sweaty face during a hard day of work! 

Scrub caps can also be a fun way to express yourself at work and brighten someone else's day. It’s fun to switch up your caps, show off your personality, and add a little something extra to your boring ol’ scrubs! Wearing unique and colorful caps tend to have a positive effect on patients as well. Many will find themselves more at ease, and may even strike up conversation using your cap as a conversation starter!

Different Types of Scrub Caps 

Many different types of scrub caps are available on the market today. Depending on your preference, you can choose a hat that ties in the back or has an adjustable elastic cord-lock.

Scrub caps come in many colors and patterns, so you can find one to suit your taste.


ponytail scrub cap

The ponytail style cap offers full coverage for longer hair. A flexible fit is made possible by the ribbon's ability to tie around the ponytail portion. 100% cotton exterior and is available with a satin-lined interior to help shield your hair from breakage and frizz.


unisex classic scrub caps

A classic unisex style scrub that is available for anyone who prefers a sportier, more fitted appearance. This style does not provide full coverage for long hair. To avoid shrinking, use a cold or warm machine wash. For optimal results, lay flat or line dry, as required, iron. Avoid overheating and use a low setting for the satin lining.



The euro cap provides full coverage, adjustability, and an elastic cord lock in the back. Excellent for practically any hair length. 100% cotton exterior. The product's interior can be lined with satin to prevent breakage and frizz in your hair.


bouffant scrub caps

A bouffant surgical cap that offers full coverage for any hair length. A broad sweatband that tapers to the sides runs across the front. Adjustable elastic cord lock in the back. Purely cotton The product's interior can be lined with satin to prevent breakage and frizz in your hair.


tie back scrub caps

A unisex tie-back scrub cap for use during surgery that has a little more room than our classic style cap. Short to medium-length hair can be worn out the back or tucked in for complete coverage. It can be left unfolded or flipped up along the edge. A sweatband lines the interior section of the forehead.

No matter what type of scrub cap you choose, make sure it fits well and is comfortable to wear. After all, you'll be wearing it for long hours!


The ability to select a quality scrub cap for nurses and healthcare providers is crucial. In addition to providing comfort and flexibility, the way the scrub cap fits will also protect your hair and stop contamination. You must first determine your specific needs before choosing the best scrub cap for you.

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